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Sealey VS779 Motorcycle Drive Cam Chain Splitter Breaker & Riveter Tool

Sealey VS779 Motorcycle Drive Cam Chain Splitter Breaker & Riveter Tool
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Item Information:

  • Manufacturer Part Number: VS779
  • Brand: Sealey
  • Type: Chain Tool
  • Other Part Number: VS779

Sealey VS779 MotorCycle/Bike Chain Breaker/Splitter & Riveter Tool Kit
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Sealey VS779 MotorCycle/Bike Chain Breaker/Splitter & Riveter Tool Kit

What will I receive?

The item you will receive will be a Sealey VS779 Chain Breaker Tool Set from Sealey’s first production line over 15 years ago. Pictures used are an accurate representation of what you will receive although please bear in mind that the item bears no logo and will not arrive in any Sealey branded packaging. The item has been bought and imported by Sealey Tools Ltd and is a genuine product using high tensile materials and provided in a plastic red box similar to picture 8. Instructions will be sent via eBay messenger.

So why no logo?

When Sealey first launched the VS779 in 2002, it did so as a product to test the market with. After several successful years, Sealey changed the layout of its boxes and imprinted its branding on both the chain tool and the outer box, before bringing a fully packaged item to the market in 2008. The set you will receive is from Sealey’s first production batch from 2002 and is made in exactly the same factory and using the exact the same materials as today’s products.

Is this a genuine product?

Yes, this is a genuine Sealey product, made by Sealey in 2002. The item bears no Sealey logo or packaging but has been stored in a dry warehouse since it was first imported, all those years ago! The origin of this batch comes via a company that went into liquidation in 2014; their assets were 
sold off to the highest bidder - hence the low price! 

Features of the item:
Sealey Expert Quality, for splitting chains from No.25 cam chains through to No.630 motorcycle final drive chains.

All the contents are correctly hardened and tempered plus chemically blackened for durability. 
Comes complete in a heavy duty blow mould storage case.

  • Main press body clamp and pressure screw handle.
  • Sliding tee bar
  • Two press plates
  • Two press anvils
  • 2.2mm, 2.9mm and 3.8mm press pins
  • Rivet tip spreader
  • Upper and lower guides for 2.2 mm press pin
  • Spring for press pins

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