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1982 Ferrari Mondial 8

1982 Ferrari Mondial 8
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Item Information:

  • Type: Ferrari Mondial 8
  • Kilometerstand: 84000
  • Brandstof: Benzine
  • Fabrikant: Ferrari
  • Kleur: Rood
  • Versnellingsbak: Handgeschakeld
  • Vermogen (DIN pk): 214
  • Datum 1e inschrijving: 19820101
  • Comfort & uitrusting: Centrale vergrendeling
  • Veiligheidsuitrusting: Startonderbreking
  • Uitrusting exterieur: Mistlichten
  • Aantal deuren: 2
  • Aantal plaatsen: 4
  • Aantal vorige eigenaren: 3
  • Audio- & navigatie-apparatuur: Autoradio met CD-speler

This 1982 Mondial 8 has originally been delivered in Italy and exported to California in 1983. In 1996 the car was imported to the Netherlands and changed owner twice since then.

This car has now been completely technically overhauled. Everything is working and up to date with new distribution, filters, air conditioning system serviced, brakes overhauled, alternator overhauled etc.

Car has been resprayed several years ago and been driven regularly since then.

Car comes with a lot of documentation and information about the history of this car. Feel free to ask me for more information or to make an appointment to come and look and test drive the car.

This car is 100% sound apart from a small crack on the right hand side in the rear window and a small drop of oil under the differential after it has been driven.

Work done on the car before putting it up for sale:

- New timing belts and tensioners

- New auxiliary belts

- Full service to the engine; all filters, engine and gearbox oil, spark plugs ect. Changed

- Various gaskets renewed of engine and gearbox; ao sump gaskets and camshaft cover gaskets

- Engine valve clearance checked and adjusted

- All of the electrics checked and where needed repaired; everything works 100%

- Electric window wiper motors are overhauled with new grease (these tend to get stuck due to hardening of grease)

- Air conditioning fully serviced and refilled

- Alternator overhauled

- Rear tires replaced for new; front tires have about 7mm of profile

- Brakes overhauled completely

- Window wipers replaced for new ones

- Clutch slave cylinder replaced for new one

- Cooling water expansion tank replaced for new one

- Various cooling water lines replaced for new ones

- Oil cooler hoses replaced for new ones

- Radiator core replaced for new one

- New clutch plate and top bearing

- CTEK charger added including permanent connection to battery

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